Who We Are

"Good design, where science and art break even."

Kognitive Group is a creative design firm that produces tailored and custom solutions for small businesses. We are a branding and marketing innovations agency. Our team of experts use a collective, insight-driven creative process to realize the potential of a brand, and our passion is re-imagining the future.


The vision began in March of 2000 with the formation of IndiVisual Design and New Media Corp. and evolved to become what is now Kognitive Multimedia Corp., founded in 2018. Kognitive provides professional design services to businesses and not-for-profit organizations using the latest technologies. As your media partner, we strategically help to build your brand, improve your global presence, and develop more meaningful relationships with your target market.

Origins of

Cognitive science involves the study of human perception, thinking, and learning.
Cognitive psychology is the scientific study of the mind as an information processor.

Kognitive uses a collaborative brainstorming approach to every client’s project. It is a cognitive and intellectual process that balances the rational and emotional. When applied, it harmonizes with other modes of thinking and closes knowledge and information gaps. Because “design thinking” is a dynamic, constructive process that is iterative in nature, developing ideas requires ongoing definition, redefinition, representation and assessment.